IC Diamond “7 Carat” Thermal Compound – 1.5 Grams

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IC Diamond Electronics Grade Thermal Compound – For CPU GPU

SUPERIOR THERMAL PERFORMANCE- Engineered and made by 3M corporation to meet OEM specifications for the best combination of maximum performance and durability and is repackaged by Innovation Cooling. C of C available on request.

SUPERIOR RELIABILITY- Used in mission critical applications for the military defense sector in Aviation and Naval electronics. High/Tight particle density seals in liquids and retards fluid loss lasting 3 to 4X times typical Asian retail repacks.

INTENDED USE INCLUDE but not limited to CPU,GPU Game Stations, LED Lighting, IC Packaging, Battery Thermal Management

CONTAINS 92% MICRONIZED DIAMOND, natures natural superconductor with a thermal conductivity of 2,000-2,500 W/mK compared to 406-429 W/mK for pure silver.