IC Graphite High Compression Thermal Pad



  • Permanent Cooling Solution – designed for extended service life.
  • High Compressibility – Up to 80% For a thinner bond line and
  • Enhanced Conformability to irregular contact surfaces.
  • Top – tier thermal performance 35 (W/m-k)
  • Operating temperature range -200 C to +400 C

IC Graphite HC Thermal Interface Material is a highly compressible graphite
material, which enables surface wetting like grease, while maintaining the excellent thermal
performance of graphite.
• The “graphene” layers are expanded out in a highly controlled environment giving it a “puffed”
• The layers of graphene under pressure compress to provide excellent surface contact.
• There is a controlled crystalline orientation of the ‘z’ plane providing the graphite with improved
through thickness thermal conductivity without the need for any fillers.
• The air pockets are compressed when pressure is applied and the air is driven out enabling
localized compression, helps filling in the flatness and roughness profiles of the mating surface

The pictures below show the graphite pad on the left uncompressed and on the right fully compressed

This compressible ability feature allows the pad to be condensed as much as 80% and so conforms better to
Irregular contours and surfaces as noted in the graphic below. Note the impression of the IHS lettering,
this is an example of reduced contact resistance.

Graphite HC Thermal Pad uncompressed on left and fully compressed on right.

NOTE: Due to the highly compressible nature of the material delivered product will have
processing marks, mostly light contact impressions as well as creases and bends. This will not negatively impact performance and has been extensively tested.

Intentionally folded and dented pad on left- Same pad after heat sink was removed.
The test comparison above is the same folded and dented pad tested as a demonstration that cosmetic imperfections will not negatively impact use and performance.


Above test comparison was performed under ideal conditions with lapped die and IHS and @ full pressure limits of both pads. Typical users with with lower heat densities and heat sink pressures will likely experience an improvement of 1-3 C with IC Graphite HC vs IC Graphite.


IC Graphite HC will be shipping as of April 1st 2021 to our retailers in both a 40mm and 30mm 5 piece pack with preliminary pricing @ approximately $3 per pad. Pads are recommended for single use only.