IC Contact Test Analysis Kit

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OPTIMIZED THERMAL PERFORMANCE – Impression highlights low and high spots for correction when required to ultimately maximize performance for overclocking. Differentiate areas of contact with the red and white color coding.

INCLUDES TWO 90 MM X 90 MM SHEETS – Includes two professionally formulated sheets with both a donor and a receiver sheet for convenience. Each sheet measures 90 mm x 90 mm, offering a custom cut for large or small projects.

SNAPSHOT IMPRESSIONS – Use the donor and receiver sheet included in this analysis kit to take a snapshot impression of the pressure and contact between a heat sink and GPU or CPU. Easily identify areas of contact using these advanced supplies.

AMPLE SUPPLY FOR MULTIPLE TESTS – Complete up to nine tests on a 30 x 30 CPU without the need for additional sheets. Maximize time and productivity without the need for additional troubleshooting supplies.

TROUBLESHOOTING SOLUTION – Offers a visual picture to identify pressure or contact problems related to thermal performance. Troubleshoot with ease and manipulate processes with these tools that help identify challenges.

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