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Run Longer with Superior Reliability

It is well understood that the most (65% ) common electronic failures arise from thermal cycling .
Repeated thermal cycling and thermal shocks will, over a period of time, cause a mechanical
break in one of the components or interconnects rendering the entire system inoperable. IC
DiamondTM provides protection against this sort of thermal-mechanical failure; it is your systems
first line of defense. ....more

PlaystationTM heat sink thermal grease failure after only light use for a year. Photo shows loss of approximately 50% of useful thermal contact area. With IC Diamond you will never see this kind of failure.

When a thermal compound fails temperatures can spike 40C and the resulting thermal shock can lead to a cascade of mechanical problems like the cracked solder joints pictured here. (Picture Courtesy of

"8o C  drop at load, this is incredible."

"I have a 7C drop in temps using this stuff. Fantastic!!!"

"I must say from what I've seen so far I'm sold and this stuff is easier to clean up than normal silver based thermal paste."

"Pretty nice gain! Not much change at idle but who cares, saving 3.1C at load is nice
   considering that most of us, including myself, have spent hundreds over the years to
  accomplish less."

"Overall temp drop from ASC to IC7 was pretty impressive.”

"I didn't expect extremely high temps considering my CPU isn't exactly highly overclocked.   It's even more impressive considering that I'm not producing that much heat and yet I'm still  able to see a difference in temps."

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Innovation Cooling is pleased to welcome several new resellers, Overclocking Technologies located in the U.K.,  Amamax in Texas as well as CoolerGuys in Kirkland, Online Pharmacy, WA., Outlet PC Henderson, NV, PC-LooK France, ILLEGEAR Malaysia, TTORY SYSTEMS Korea,  AFTERSHOCK Singapore.


Gilgamesh of is well known on many UK based forums since winning the Universal abit 2006 contest! Since then he has moved onto new pastures and achieved second place at the Gigabyte UK overclocking Contest (GOOC) Having been a water cooling specialist and for the first time using sub-zero cooling (Dry ice) and with the help of Innovation Cooling IC Diamond, he managed to win the aforementioned place. Since then Gilgamesh refuses to use any other thermal compound and is quoted as saying

" I flatly refuse to use anything else! It would be a fair statement to say though this was the first time I have ever used sub-zero cooling; the Diamond compound by innovation cooling DID help me to achieve a top award."

Gilgamesh has worked with many Taiwanese manufacturers, including Universal Abit, DFI and GEIL

Run Cooler with Superior Performance
Independent Testing

In public field surveys IC DiamondTM thermal compound was independently tested on 893 end user/consumer systems under maximum thermal stress conditions on multiple platforms in which IC Diamond is compared to their previously installed compound and outperformed, on average all other thermal compounds on all desktop, notebook CPU and GPU platforms.....more

Results to Date
IC DiamondTM Thermal compound contains 92% micronized synthetic diamond, diamond is truly nature’s thermal super conductor with 500% better  conductivity than it's nearest competitor silver. In the electronics industry, the efficient dissipation of heat is a necessity to manage the ever increasing thermal loads. As a result of the strong covalent bonds between the carbon atoms in a diamond crystal, diamond’s extraordinary conductive properties make it the ideal material for any high stress thermal applications.

Widely recognized and accepted by industry experts, diamond’s exceptional attributes such as its high resistance to thermal shock, high electron mobility, high conductivity, and it chemical inertness make it a suitable material for the dissipation of heat in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

IC DiamondTM contains micronized synthetic diamond in the highest concentration of diamond in any compound available on the market today. Each single crystal micronized particle has the same extraordinary thermal properties you would find in a larger industrial diamond.....More
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